Friday, May 18, 2012

hot hot heat.

i'm starting to build my class list for the fall semester! i'll have art history, english, drawing, and then i get to choose my top three choices for electives. i'm really thinking about trying photography-- i want to get a better feel for my camera. also, picking up photography could be really helpful for mixed-media illustration projects! i also can't wait to pick up yoga classes again. i'm so excited.

it's eighty degrees today, and i just took a break from school planning to frolic around in the sun. now it's time to buckle down and begin setting up a page to sell my clothes! i'm opening an ebay store in less than a couple of weeks-- i'll link it once it's running-- and i'm using the money for savings and also to build my college wardrobe. i already have quite enough shoes, and i'll eventually be selling a pair of suede jeffrey campbells along with other wedges, sweaters, shorts, skirts, dresses, shirts... everything! i'm just about to get some leggings and some creepers in the mail, but i'm really cutting down on spending for now, especially since there are so many good vintage shops in the bay area that i'll hit up... with great self-control, of course.

anyway, here's my outfit for today. chiffon and shorts for the heat.

sunglasses, ragstock / bolo tie, junk shop / button-down, h&m / shorts, ragstock / boots, gift.

music: abc -jackson 5