Monday, February 13, 2012

dare i look down at my hands and think,

i've had very little work lately, so my time has been taken up with drawing, reading, and thinking about things by myself. i have to keep getting up early and planning my days, and i have to start socializing more on my own. lack of structure in my life only leads to illness.

part of my time has been taken up by studying new york fashion week, but i'm feeling a little out of the mix this season. i'm sure my interest will kick in once i find that one incredible collection, but i'm just feeling uninspired by the runway and what's showing up on blogs lately.
all of this has led to work on a new illustration project focused on my day-to-day style as of late. i'll post the first part of it next time.

i've also just received a pair of soft, comfortable loafers in the mail that i'm wearing around the house right now-- i'll be posting about those, too. in a way, they're knockoffs of louboutins. how does everyone feel about knockoffs of runway shoes? i'm sick of the typical jeffrey campbell platform shape showing up on every fashion blog, but i feel there has to be a line somewhere that creates more affordable shoes for people with my income.

anyway, until next time, some brand new tunes.

music: shutter speed -little lights

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