Monday, October 10, 2011

little punk on the prairie.

just recently, i got over an illness that took almost two weeks out of my work schedule. it's now crippling to have such time taken away from a regular, near-daily routine with people passing in and out of my awareness. taking some time to draw and sleep was almost pleasant if i ignored the fact that i almost definitely had mononucleosis, but the feeling that i had upon walking back into the store was incomparable.

i love being alone at points, but i need to be social-- i have such a craving.

i love people. finally, i think i really love the general population. it has taken me at least one year.

oh, and-- creativity-wise, i've been invited to enter a photography contest. i'm not much of a photographer, exactly, but i'd like to give it a shot. i need a cow pasture. i can't stay cooped up thinking i can't create much of anything worthwhile, anyway. as the adicts say-- viva!

more to come soon.

jacket, thrift, $2; adicts shirt, ragstock, $8; pleather shorts, ragstock, $20; shoes, ragstock, $15.


  1. $8 for those leather shorts was probably the best money you ever spent, so cute. Lucky girl!

  2. i love yor look!


  3. we are totally love this dress, can't wait to see ourselves wearing it!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!