Friday, June 3, 2011

they called it a weather alert.

took a nap late this afternoon and opened my eyes to soft, warm light reaching through my window and pulling at my hair. i woke up so abruptly when i realized i had the chance to make some images with the brilliant lighting and sheerness of my skirt that i entirely uprooted both my room and the guest bedroom to make room for makeshift upturned trashcan tripods.

... and then the sun started to fade behind the evergreens.

... and i got the shot, and an unkempt room that i am just starting to consider cleaning.

tomorrow, my mum and i are going to a flea market a couple of hours south of our town. really hoping i will be able to find pieces worth purchasing; every time i see knockoffs of handmade jewelry at shops, i get a craving for the market and its utter uniqueness.
also, i cannot wait to take out my new music for the trip. there are few things better than starting out fresh on an adventure with uplifting tunes playing on high. besides, i love the country rushing by me with the dew just rising off the grass.

i have to get up early in the morning, but i think i still have enough time for a nighttime walk before bed, so that's where i'm headed. if i have enough energy by the end of tomorrow, i will make a link to today's look on

cela est tout pour le moment.

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